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Duck Sauce
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Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

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my contribution for may the fourth is a mash-up of the star wars original trilogy and avatar the last airbender in the form of posters!! :) there are actually a lot of parallels between the two, as is clear from how minimally the titles can be modified lol

i used the complete atla collections and inspiration from various star wars posters through the ages

also i made a wallpaper version [x] (it’s really beautiful)

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Come What May
Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman
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come what may // ewan mcgregor & nicole kidman

listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?
telling me to give you everything
seasons may change, winter to spring
but i love you until the end of time

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                His heart beats surprisingly steady,
                  despite its ache for her concern.

                “Don’t you worry, I am acquainted with hell.” 

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                    ❝Errr — Yeah! Of course I know about it.❞ 


                  He clearly didn’t know what he was talking about.

                           But it sounded like a goldmine. 


             ”Never mind, kid, you don’t even look old enough to sneak into the bar.”

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{ heyyy B)  anything to do with avatar is perfect and hot and cold together just make sense according to frozen so ?? c; }


                               ––– ❝I’ll find her and bring her home,❞  Jack said in a serious tone.


           ”You better, and I’m coming with you.”

           There was no way he is not partaking in his sisters’ rescue.


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     A small frown tugged downward at the corners of her mouth, surprise and pity in a glance that did not meet his eyes. This was the first time he mentioned that fact, as far as she remembered. In fact, she didn’t think he ever really talked about his siblings, though she did seem to remember him mentioning a brother. However, when she  saw his expression, though it did hold the pain of bad memories, it also held a… fondness that was rare whenever he spoke of his past. That was what brought the smile back to her features.

    “I’m sure they were absolutely lovely…” Words trailed off as she finally met his gaze, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on stretching between them before she lowered her eyes, a light color dusting her cheeks as fingers tucked a strand behind her ear. Hazel orbs fell upon his fingers, recognizing the movement with a warm smile.

    “You braided their hair, didn’t you?”

             He paused, and only then was he conscious of his fingers’ movements. Kertos looked briefly to his hands for a while, testing the pattern again in a slower motion, before turning back to Ostara, still smiling. It was definitely a rare moment she needed to cherish.

             ”Yeah. With flowers, too. Do you want me to braid yours? Some time later, or- now? I’m flexible.” He shrugged, though still mindful about the flower in his hair. He was tempted to tilt his head, though, just to observe her expression further when she had tucked her hair neatly behind her ear. But he only opted to reach out, only daring to test the waters’ surface by letting his fingers brush the ends of her hair, which in this light gave a gentle overlay of her element. She was really


                                      If words could even do her justice.


                                             but, I’m a villain
                                                            & villains don’t get
                                                            ⊰ нαρρу єη∂ιηﻭѕ

When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.
— Earl Nightingale (via loveinspireuniversally) —


     Though the touch of anyone at this point was welcome, his arm around her shoulders seemed to brace her, tie her down through the raging storm inside her heart. Breathe. Breathe for him. Before Ostara could stop herself, she practically crashed into his side, face buried into his chest without thought that she might be overstepping her bounds at the moment.


    “I’m sorry… so sorry… tired… just so tired…” Though her sobs definitely weren’t as strong as before, the spirit still had to gasp for breath between her broken words, hands clinging to the fabric of his shirt. Tired of telling herself that she was strong. Tired of seeing things and people and even places that she loved erode away with time.

               She was just… tired.

           He lets her sink, lets her tremble in his arms so much even he was shaking. The hand now opted to rub her back, while he tried to breathe as evenly as possible to remind her of a normal pace.

           ”Then sleep, whatever makes you at peace,” he cooed, though eyes were a glassy tint of brown as it hurt him on the inside to see somebody else break. And he knows that feeling. The stretching of miles throughout days and months and years was nothing close to easy, and- and he could only imagine what Ostara had gone through.

                              Focus on the present, Kertos.
                                 Don’t let yourself sink, too.


"No wonder Tenzin broke up with you."


"I’m more spiritual than you’ll ever be!”


"I heard she even ate her father’s bear."


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It's a Long, Long Way to Ba Sing Se
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God we miss his voice.  Mako Iwamatsu (1933-2006)

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